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What should I expect from a session?

Typically, we will discuss what you are currently experiencing in your day-to-day life and we narrow down our goals for the session (In other words, what do you want to work on for that day). The rest of the session is the energetic clearing component working within the Andean shamanic cosmology.  

Who would most benefit from a session?

These sessions are ideal for people who are in life transitions (divorce, loss of job, moving, change in life path, etc.); anyone coping with anxiety, loss, or grief; and those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey and self-awareness. 

What assistance does Energy Medicine / Shamanism provide for my life experience?  

This work is beneficial to help release emotional blockages and limiting belief systems. It can assist in moving through major life shifts with more ease and self-awareness so that one can reclaim their life's vision. One of the most profound aspects of this work is in assisting an individual to retrieve and reintegrate lost parts of their soul/psyche that most often occur during traumatic events.  

What if I'm not feeling at my best emotionally, should I postpone the session? 

On the contrary, this is the best time to come in for support. It also makes it easier to identify and clear any negative emotional patterns.

What should I expect after a session? Will I feel better and will all my issues be magically resolved?

There is no short answer to this question. Sometimes a person can have a profound session that realigns them at their core and results in dramatic shifts after just one session. However, most often it is a process of letting go of old thought patterns, stories, and behaviors that are not serving you any longer. Often times I will give you some exercises to do at home that will assist you in implementing new ways of being. Of course, it is up to you whether or not you choose to continue the work of integration into your daily life.


There will be times where you leave the office feeling more relaxed, in-tune with your Higher Self and inspired. This is wonderful and the ultimate goal. However, there might also be times where we do shadow work that might challenge you to break through some parts of yourself that are not easy to look at and that requires courage and vulnerability to work through. This means that you might experience some raw emotional purging for a while to fully clear the energetic / emotional bodies. This type of work, while difficult and does not initially "feel good", is some of the most valuable to the healing journey - it is where we can break through illusions and step into Self-Awareness and Authenticity. 


How long are the sessions and what are the fees?

The initial session is up to 1.5 hours and the fee is $250 USD. The first session is longer so that I can begin to track you energetically as we get to know each other. Follow-up sessions are about 1-hour and $200 USD. Income-based discounts are available as needed. 

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