This medicine comes from the ancient lineage and teachings of the Q’ero shamans of the Peruvian Andes. These sessions are interactive and dynamic. Together we map and unwind imprints of dis-ease in the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  These profound energy shifts can have rippling effects into all areas of your life.

healing shaman shamanism energy balance wellness medicine woman
healing shaman shamanism energy balance wellness medicine woman
healing shaman shamanism Q'ero Peru elder energy balance wellness Deborah medicine woman

During these sessions there is a process of unfolding, where we work on identifying core limitations and releasing them so that you may fully step into your Authentic Self. The goal is to provide you with tools of Self-Empowerment that can be incorporated into everyday life.  

Each session is tailored to your individual needs. At the beginning of each session we will determine what blend of modalities to use for the day. This may include any of the following: 

  • shamanic work

  • life coaching

  • ThetaHealing™

  • crystal layouts

  • sound healing

  • aromatherapy

From a client: "Sessions with Deborah are something truly special.  I reached out to Deborah while in crisis after experiencing some intense trauma.  She was not only thoughtful and supportive, but guided me through multi-level healing that talk therapy alone could not provide.   I truly believe that she and the work she does was instrumental in my reassembly process.  I urge any woman curious to come to Deb with an open mind and heart and not be shocked when true transformation happens."

~ Jess  

Illumination- Releases imprints from your luminous field by clearing chakras of embedded limiting belief systems & emotional blockages.


Extractions- Remove crystallizations from your luminous field that impede the natural flow of energy and cause discomfort in the body. Also, works with the removal of fluid energies and enables you to change affinities for toxic people and environments. 


Soul Retrieval- Stepping outside of ordinary time we track a splintered soul fragment and retrieve it in a healed state. During this process, soul contracts that no longer serve your highest good are re-written to enable the transition for living in grace. 


Destiny Retrieval- Assist in reclaiming your life’s dream by tapping into shifting the momentum of your highest destiny to help guide you on your path to joy. 


Death & Transition Rites- This service is offered to those who are coping with the loss of a loved one and to any person who is making a major life shift seeking resolution and closure. 


Space Clearing- Energetic clearing of office or home space.


Munay Ki- A series of energetic transmissions are offered to shift the luminous energy field: “Bands of Power”- protection for those in healing practices and/or with high sensitivity to energies; “Kawak Rites”- known as the “seer’s” rites, allows you to perceive the world as shamans do through the eyes of the heart; “Ayni Karpai” – archetypical energies are installed in each chakra to aid in maintaining right relationship (ayni) with 

the Universe.