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"Earth Forest" undiluted dropper

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"Earth Forest" blend: This earthy and green blend will help you get grounded! Wood tones calm your tension with earthy base notes. A hint of lavender balances you out. Evergreen conifer notes uplift you, and spruce helps with adrenal exhaustion. This blend makes you feel like you are walking through a forest! Jojoba carrier oil.

APPLICATION (steam undiluted blend): For aromatherapy diffusers put 8-10 drops (depends on size of diffuser- read instruction manual) in water and turn on diffuser in room for 1-3 hours.

APPLICATION Topical application should be diluted in carrier oil and dabbed on pulse points (inside of wrists, behind the ears, neck, temples, etc.), over the heart, and the bottom of your feet. Use as needed. You can re-apply every few hours.

PRECAUTION: It is strongly recommended you use a carrier oil (i.e. coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc) before applying the Undiluted blend topically.
PRECAUTION: This blend is not to be used during pregnancy.
PRECAUTION: Not for use with pets. May negatively impact or harm cats, dogs, birds, etc. even in steam diffusion.

*All essential oils are GC/MS tested for purity

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